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What is Data Culture?

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Organizations are investing trillions of dollars to collect, store, and protect their data, but 70% of these initiatives are failing. Why?


Organizations are investing trillions of dollars to collect, store, and protect their data, but 70%  of these initiatives are failing. Why?

Because data on its own cannot help you succeed, and technology alone won’t help you get ahead of your competitors.

Most organizations struggle to engage their people and manage change:

  • They fail at the level of the individual, and they fail to bring those individuals together
  • They fail to build a culture where data is valued and applied to every day decisions

Data Culture starts with people. Every employee holds the ability to discover the next breakthrough.  The promise of modern analytics is that you can harness that ability, and anyone can find business-altering insights in their data. Imagine if these moments weren’t standout occurrences, but the norm for every employee:

  • If the people with the subject matter knowledge had access to trusted and governed data needed to make decisions
  • If there was a supportive community to fuel learning and engagement
  • If you could set up an adaptable and agile system to grow with your needs
  • Imagine if data was woven into the fabric of your organization.

This is a Data Culture.

About the Speaker

Mac Bryla is a Technology Evangelist at Tableau, based in Sydney with over 25 years of experience in the tech industry. With passion for innovation, creativity and critical thinking, he helps organisations large and small to adopt the culture of self-reliance and analytics, a culture where everyone can ask and answer questions of their data.

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