Alix GOURSATSustainability Leader and Business Development Director at Decathlon Singapore

Alix Goursat is the Business Development & Sustainability Leader at Decathlon Singapore and has a decade of successful experience in Decathlon’s expansion in Southeast Asian countries.
Alix is passionate about the environment and is willing to play an important role in transforming Decathlon’s business model by integrating the circular economy more fully. Decathlon is very committed to preserving the planet and the team has already implemented many projects locally to reduce the carbon footprint of the business (e.g. 0 single-use plastic for 95% of e-commerce packages shipped to customers).
Alix is also responsible for Decathlon’s compliance with the MPR requirements under Singapore’s Resource Sustainability Act, which is expected to evolve into the EPR (Extended Producer Responsibility) for packaging waste management. Over the past year, she has spearheaded various tactics to align the packaging data available internally with NEA’s requirements for submissions. She is now actively involved in curating a robust and impactful 3R plan for Decathlon Singapore whilst managing the commercial needs of the business.

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