Isdiyanah DulkifliRegional Program Manager (Smart Factory Leader) at Schneider Electric

An ENFP that hopes to make a difference wherever I go. I enjoy taking on challenges and I value learning and exploring new things and opportunities. Hence, I do think the role of a project manager has kept me excited since I have been exposed me to various quadrants from finance, supply chain, procurement to some technical knowledge of the products.

I've had the chance to experience and learn about different cultures across my education and even in my recent career. These experiences have helped me become a better leader and team member. My role as a project manager has helped me to hone my communication and stakeholder management skills, while ensuring that the project is on track. Some of the projects I managed were digital solutions involving key users, business units and developers. These projects were memorable as I saw the positive impact of digital transformation in the sites.

My goal is to constantly leave an impact to those around me, even through the simplest of interactions.

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