Josh GardnerCEO & Co-Founder at Kung Fu Data

Josh is CEO and co-founder of Kung Fu Data, an award-winning Tmall/JD partner specialising in online brand development and distribution in China.


A fluent Mandarin speaker and senior China Strategist, Josh is a global authority on China's digital ecosystem. He's currently the International Area Director of Entrepreneurs Organization and a sought-after keynote speaker at Retail Without Borders, Best of Britain, AdTech, The Commerce Show, e-Shop Talk, NYU, Citi, Blackrock and Luxury Society.


Tenaciously objective and brutally honest, Josh spends his days helping lifestyle brands navigate tricky situations in China, bringing genuine Leadership, accountability and higher performance to all stakeholders.


He lives in Singapore with his college sweetheart Kate, a clinical psychologist, and their two children.

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