Luca SilipoChief Economist & Supply Chain Strategy at GEODIS

After earning a doctorate in international relations with a major in international economics and politics, Luca started his banking career.

After two years as an economist in the research department of the Italian Central Bank, he moved to the private sector, working for Italian and French investment banks as an economist and chief economist in Milan, London, New York, Paris, and Hong Kong.

After more than fifteen years in investment banks, he moved to the real sector and created and managed an economics and geopolitics strategic research department for GEODIS in Berlin.

The unit has been providing strategic advice and design over various domains, such as M&A, investment allocation strategy, measuring and management of risk, sustainability transitions, market penetration, and new products.

The department derives indications through a robust analysis of the business environment (finance, economics, geopolitics, risk) and has been key to optimising management decisions.

It has offered research services to GEODIS clients through research papers, one-to-one presentations, on-demand studies, and keynote/motivational speeches at private or public events.

More recently, as the world that made globalization possible unravels, Luca has been tasked with supporting GEODIS clients with their needs on supply chain re-design and strategy.

With a passion for music, Luca harbours a strong sense of responsibility to assist corporations in producing social welfare, social equality, and sustainability and ensure that progress in these domains sustains each other rather than being considered antagonists.

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