Mary KON-SUN-TACKFounder at Journey Makers

With a career spanning Senior Regional roles in France, the Middle East, and Asia-Pacific, Mary has navigated the intricate realms of digital marketing strategy and transformation. As a dynamic strategist, she has crafted and executed comprehensive plans that not only achieved top-line objectives but also fostered evolution for the teams. Her professional journey is also marked by her strong commitment to sustainability. In her past roles, Mary demonstrated her leadership in change management by spearheading the implementation of Green office and Green teams initiatives at both regional and local levels, setting a precedent for eco-conscious practices within organizations.

Because she realised that sustainability topics are deeply woven with employees’ engagement, Mary embarked on an exploration of the Employee Experience landscape. Her clear aim was to mirror the principles and practices of Customer Experience to Employee Experience, to unlock change and performance. With this experience, Mary decided to found Journey Makers, in 2022, a firm committed to reshaping marketing and experience strategies for both customers and employees. Journey Makers sets people and sustainability as a cornerstone of its services and crafts bespoke approaches which embed organisational psychodynamics to manage profound change.

Mary is not just a marketing strategist; she is envisioning a path towards a more sustainable and harmonious future, where marketing, employee engagement, and environmental responsibility converge seamlessly.

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