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My name is Nicolas REYMOND and I am the head of NAVYA Systems subsidiary in Singapore, a leading company that provides sustainable, shared, and inclusive mobility level 4 solutions vehicles to transport people and goods.


From Hobby to Profession


Back in 1999, an interview for a sedentary position in Orléans in France with the CTO of Alcatel Submarine Networks did not go as planned and parachuted me into the ultra-high technology world in Fortaleza, Brazil. From there was born a career in few companies, of now 22 years of experience, switching from one advanced technology to another, passing through many countries on all continents and more recently in Asia in Singapore.


I was lucky enough to be able to participate on the ground in many challenges in all technical, mechanical and electronic fields, which allowed me to have this ability to always find solutions and communicate to help and succeed.


Working in autonomous vehicles world has allowed me to continue to keep my line of conduct and therefore to participate in this new emerging industrial revolution which will allow many people to improve their daily lives and their safety with a technology in motion on a daily basis.”

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