Sebastien LepezFounder & CEO – JOLT Digital

Sebastien Lepez, Founder & CEO – JOLT Digital

Seb is a digital marketer with 18 years of experience across both client & agency.

Seb set up the company after a long career both agency and client side.

Agency-wise he felt that teams were too set in their ways, not able to leverage technology and be truly innovative in their thinking.

Client-side he challenged his agencies to be more innovative, to push the envelope, but they all came back, time and again with the same old models, same old plans.

Frustrated Seb decided to make the break and set up his own agency to shake things up.

JOLT was born. To jolt the age-old model. To jolt the industry. To find ways to maximise media budget.

JOLT is an agency that truly understands the challenges facing todays marketers to ensure both short term wins as well as long term brand-building.

Prior to creating JOLT, Seb was leading digital marketing and brand marketing across APAC for one of Johnson & Johnson’s most digitally sophisticated brand, ACUVUE®. Before working as a marketer, Seb spent 13 years in top global media agencies where he led accounts and drove digital adoption across APAC and EMEA for leading brands and advertisers.

Seb has been living in Singapore for the past 11 years. Before coming to Asia, he spent 8 years in London.

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