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Current Trends of the M&A Landscape in Asia: Keys to a successful M&A transaction

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Price: SG$10

Asia China, Hong-Kong, Singapore Time: 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm
Japan Time: 5:00 pm to 6:30 pm
Europe CET Time: 10:00 am to 11:30 am


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Join us for the cross-border webinar event to discuss M&A trend landscape in Asia

The significance of merger and acquisition (M&A) deal volumes in Asia is increasing, and the region's share of the worldwide M&A pie keeps growing.

 In step with this growth, deals are becoming increasingly complex and challenging as prospective investors in the region are expected to (i) evaluate businesses which operate cross-regionally, (ii) assess the potential benefits and synergies arising from M&A transactions and (iii) put in place a solid business plan to lead the post-M&A group to success in a market that is rapidly evolving.

 In this seminar LPA-CGR avocats, Mazars and Havas - three professional firms with extensive experience in Asia - have teamed up for this event to share their knowledge of M&A in Asia.  They will, in particular, address the following issues:

 • identifying and assessing worthy investment targets

 • discovering the commercial and compliance strengths and weaknesses of targets

 • defining the appropriate pricing structure for the deal

 • key points to consider when negotiating with local partners

 • protecting investor interests through appropriate legal documentation

 • planning for the post-M&A business’ continuity and success

 LPA and Mazars are respectively a law and a professional services firm with a long presence through offices in major locations in Asia. Havas is a worldwide communication and advertising agency, which considers the APAC region as strategic for its expansion through build up transactions.

Drawing from the real-life cases on which they advised, our speakers will help you understand the dos and don’ts and the path to success when undertaking M&A deals in Asia.


  • Mrs. Marie Mbaye, Head of Legal APAC at HAVAS GROUP
  • Mrs. Bérengère Roig, Partner at LPA-CGR avocats Singapore

  • Mr. Nicolas Vanderchmitt, Partner at LPA-CGR avocats Hong-Kong

  • Mr. Jean-Francois Salzmann, Managing Partner at MAZARS Japan

This webinar will be moderated by Mr. Thomas Chen, Head of Accounting and Outsourcing services at MAZARS China and Mr. Arnaud Bourrut Lacouture, Partner at LPA-CGR avocats Singapore


04:00 pm Welcome Attendees and introduction remarks 

04:10 pm Roundtable Discussion among panelists 

05:00 pm Q&A 

This event is organised in partnership with The French Chamber of Commerce in China, The French Chamber of Commerce in Japan and The French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Hong Kong. 





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