EY - Beyond the hype of GenAI – from proof of concept to production

One Raffles Quay, North Tower, EY wavespace Level 18, Singapore, 048583
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Join us and industry leaders to discuss how to prioritize GenAI use cases, strategize, deploy and capitalize on its potential.

In the dynamic world of generative AI (GenAI), opportunities and challenges go hand in hand. As GenAI continues to revolutionize industries, moving from proof of concept (POC) to full-scale production implementation presents unique challenges.

Join us at this hybrid event where we highlight key strategies for successful GenAI planning and execution:

  • Demystifying the hype: Identifying realistic GenAI use cases and strategic alignment
  • POC to production pathway: Overcoming hurdles with comprehensive planning, robust infrastructure and a culture of innovation
  • Quality of data: Maintaining quality data, accessibility, and enhanced governance in GenAI initiatives
  • Ethics and responsibility: Implementing ethical practices and ensuring transparency, fairness, and accountability in GenAI practices
  • Human intervention and capabilities: Recognizing the indispensable role of human expertise for successful implementation of GenAI

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