Practical Transfer Pricing Defence Strategies


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Join DFDL's experts for a live webinar on “Practical Transfer Pricing (“TP”) Defence Strategies”.

Please join us on Wednesday, 25 May 2022, at 10 am (Singapore time) for a live webinar on “Practical Transfer Pricing (“TP”) Defence Strategies”.

The speakers for the event will be Adnan Begic (Transfer Pricing and International Tax Specialist – previously Head of Transfer Pricing at Michelin) and Christine Schwarzl (Regional Transfer Pricing Director at DFDL). Jack Sheehan (Partner and Head of Regional Tax Practice at DFDL) will moderate the discussion.

With continued international tax reforms driven by the OECD Base Erosion and Profit Shifting framework and the increased transparency of multinational enterprise (“MNE”) activities through global reporting mechanisms, competent authorities have the tools to increase scrutiny and audits on taxpayer transactions and pricing.

How can taxpayers manage transfer pricing audit risks across their company and establish effective TP defence strategies within this increasingly complex landscape, often within limited operational TP budgets in this setting?

Our speakers will share their experience, provide an overview of the options for managing tax audits and tax dispute risks in Asia, and share practical insights into the key considerations for planning and developing a robust transfer pricing defence strategy.

Join this live webinar to find out about:

  • What transfer pricing defence strategy options are available in Asia
  • Why and when to develop a defence strategy or response
  • Which Asian jurisdictions support the Mutual Agreement Procedure (“MAP“) and Advanced Pricing Agreements (“APAs“)
  • How to deal with Competent Authorities
  • How to develop a practical defence strategy (MAP and APA example)
  • Tips on executing a TP defence strategy

The live event will include a Q&A session.
If you are interested in better understanding your options in developing and executing an effective transfer pricing defence strategy in Asia, REGISTER NOW!


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