Air Liquide in Singapore operates in 23 locations around Singapore, consisting of 6 subsidiaries and joint venture companies, making it the largest gas provider in the region. First established as Far East Oxygen in 1911, we have grown from a modest gas production capacity of 50 cubic meters per hour in the 1920s to our current capacity of 4,200 tonnes/day. Our gases and related services are supplied to an assortment of industries including aviation, chemicals, electronics, marine, petrochemicals and refineries, etc. We supply industrial and specialty gases in an array of volumes and purities, along with related technologies and services. We also provide medical and therapeutic gases as well as medical equipment and installation to hospitals and healthcare institutions. We have come a long way since, partnering with diverse industry players to support the Singapore economy through a unique blend of advanced equipment, processes and systems, supported by a highly engaged and competent workforce.

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