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#AllAboutTæms from aeqlia: A new video podcast about team performance and team development!

Introducing #AllAboutTæms, the video podcast from aeqlia where they will interviewing guests across all industries about anything that relates to team, team performance and team development! Join them every two weeks for a fun and insightful conversation!

✨ For the first episode, they speak with Adrian Tan, Future of Work Strategist from Institute for Human Resource Professionals (IHRP), exploring the Future of Tæms: Collective Intelligence, Technology & Data!

What they spoke about:

* Backstory on how Adrian got into HR after two retrenchments
* Human Capital Trends including cloud-based, digital transformation and the need to focus on teams
* The Jose Mourinho analogy for the team leader: how can you help your team play well together at work!
* Culture Fading or how small pantry moments have disappeared for remote and distributed teams
* How to maximize your organizational learning effectiveness with team-centric learning and gamification
* The role of data to future-proof your organization!

Find the full episode here:


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