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Astek Continues to Deploy a Strategic Position in Life Sciences and Strengthens its Position in the CRO Market with the Arrival of Sanoïa

The Astek Group announces a majority stake acquisition in Sanoïa, a Real World Digital CRO (Contract Research Organization), to complement its Life Sciences offering. Rapidly expanding, Sanoïa, a leader in the French market for digitalization of real-world clinical studies and patient experience integration, boasts expertise combining science, digital technology, and artificial intelligence that has captured the healthcare industry for over 14 years.

This move allows Astek to enhance its healthcare sector transformation offerings, particularly in CRO, supporting clients not only in conducting clinical trials but also in real-world health data utilization. It strengthens its geographical footprint and supports the growth of its Life Sciences Business Line, which contributes over 13% of the Group's revenue.

Founded in 2010 in Aubagne with operations across France and Europe, Sanoïa has developed expertise in all stages of real-world studies, from conception to implementation, focusing on key therapeutic areas: oncology, immunology, diabetology, gastroenterology, rheumatology, medical devices, and DTx...

Sanoïa brings its recognized capabilities in cohort design, consulting, and management to institutional clients, startups, and large enterprises. Combining these strengths with Astek's expands commercial cross-selling opportunities on promising projects, offering complementary digital solutions to an expanded client portfolio for conducting clinical trials and real-world studies.

"This integration, aligning with the digitization trend across clinical research, will accelerate Sanoïa's growth with the support of Astek Group both in France and internationally, enhancing our innovation and agility for clients and our appeal to new talents!" commented Hervé Servy and Naïma Hamamouche, founders of Sanoïa.

"We are delighted to welcome Sanoïa into Astek Group's Life Sciences offering, reinforcing our commitment to disrupting the CRO industry by introducing new technologies for clinical and real-world studies to accelerate treatments of the future," stated Jean-Christophe Franoux, Executive Director of Astek Group's Life Sciences division.

In addition to achieving average organic growth of over 20%, Astek Group plans targeted acquisitions to reach €1 billion in revenue and 14,000 employees globally by 2027. ldoJulien Gavan, CEO of Astek Group, added, "The acquisition of Sanoïa marks a new milestone in our Life Sciences development. With Sanoïa's proven expertise in healthcare, we strengthen our CRO branch with high-level R&D, consulting, and project execution capabilities. We are now well-positioned to comprehensively support our clients in France and worldwide. I am thrilled to welcome all Sanoïa employees to Astek's growth journey."



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