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BeeBryte’s optimized chiller control to generate 78k € savings in a French project

The client, a leading transport and logistics company, signed with BeeBryte in October last year.

The cost of the three-month deployment, which includes the installation of the BeeBryte Box on top of the existing equipment, data collection, machine learning, analysis, and baseline calibration, was borne solely by BeeBryte.
Controlling two chiller units, BeeBryte has since been able to lower the company’s energy consumption, electricity bill, and CO2 emissions. The achieved results indicate that annual savings will reach 22% of the client’s HVAC bill, which is equivalent to 78,000 € (about 120,500 SGD). This represents 918 MWh savings on energy consumption and a decrease in CO2 emissions by 83 tonnes.
To achieve these results while respecting the temperature constraints of the cold warehouse, BeeBryte relies on monitoring and forecasting activity, consumption, and weather patterns, combined with a patented optimization algorithm which automatically adjusts the chiller operation. The solution is easily replicable and shows a promise of broader partnership between the companies and a possibility of deployment on six other sites.


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