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Bizsu adds the ‘Climate Fresk’ Workshops for all Singapore based Companies and Educational Institutions

Bizsu, an innovative startup that aims to enable businesses to embrace sustainability, has added The Climate Fresk Workshops (formerly known as Climate Collage) to its roster of sustainability offers for all Singapore-based entities.

“The Climate Collage workshop (also known as “La Fresque du Climat", in French), is a collaborative and fun game based on the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, and the UN’s premier body for assessing the science relating to climate change) report, where collaborators find the causes and consequences of climate change,” explained Brice Degeyter, the General Manager at Bizsu.

“In the 3 hour workshop, participants use Reasoning skills (to discover, link cards and create the collage), Creativity skills (to decorate and name their collage and to take ownership of it), followed by a Debrief (to understand their emotions and reactions) and finally brainstorm individual and systemic solutions,” Degeyter added.

Climate Collage Workshops target to develop knowledge and awareness of climate issues for everyone (experts or novices) as an essential first step, as it is difficult to take action without understanding the problem. Their ambition is to support employees and develop common knowledge internally, which allows and empowers everyone to move on climate issues, develop innovations, attract talent and better respond to the biggest challenge of this century.

Why these Workshops Work

Today, Climate has reached a crisis point, and it is rapidly moving away from safe operating home space for humans on the planet. This is why an urgent solution is needed. The Decade of Action (from now to 2030), relies on our collective intelligence to initiate the rapid decrease of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) emissions of our socio-techno-economic system.

Sustainable behaviours and norms have to be learned and must be the result of collective decision-making processes.

Strengthening Climate Education and action has been identified as one of the most impactful Social Tipping Interventions (STIs) to be carried out for stabilizing Earth’s Climate by 2050, and to secure adequate adaptation and resilience. This is why Bizsu has added The Climate Fresk Workshops to its list of Sustainability efforts. These workshops will work because:



Bizsu believes these fun learning games are essential for companies to train their teams on sustainability and is making it more and more accessible. 

For more information about the workshops, please contact Bizsu at: contact(@)



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