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Bizsu’s Continewm Solution Helps Keppel Bay Tower Save up to 50% on Air Conditioning

Bizsu, one of the innovative startups created to help everyone improve sustainability footprint, has completed another high-efficiency energy-saving project with Keppel Land at Keppel Bay Tower, the Singapore's First Green Mark Platinum Building (Zero Energy Commercial Building).

Continewm Energy Saving Solution at Keppel Bay Tower

“Continewm is a very easy-to-implement and efficient energy-saving solution on the market for advancing the concept of sustainability,” explained Brice Degeyter, the General Manager at Bizsu.

“The solution is easy to install as an entire floor can be equipped in less than 30 minutes. Then, the installation can be used in a lifetime,” added Degeyter.

After implementing Continewm solution, companies can save up to 50% on air conditioning consumption while purifying and ionizing the air. Continewm solution affirms the Keppel Bay Tower's commitment to sustainability.

The quest for sustainability is no longer a compliance-driven only issue, but a growing commitment from stakeholders, which demonstrates people's new understanding and focus to make the world (the only home) a better place for both the current and future generations. Achieving this goal requires innovative and workable solutions, and Continewm is here to fill this gap with guaranteed results.

Bizsu and Keppel Bay Tower have demonstrated that sustainability can be achieved, and with multiple benefits too. Because of its easy and fast installation, high-energy saving ability, and affordable pricing, Continewm proves to be the next-generation option for air conditioning and sustainability.

Bizsu is the leading brand with a special focus on embracing sustainability in a profitable way in Singapore.

For more details on Continewm and Bizsu, contact Bizsu’s General Manager Brice Degeyter or visit


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