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Bureau Veritas opens new innovation and sustainability centre, iCARE, in Singapore for a new model of innovation

Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore Singapore (BV) has launched a new Centre of Excellence – the innovation Centre of Alternative Renewables Energy (iCARE), supported by the Singapore Economic Development Board (“EDB”).

Aligning itself with Singapore’s goal of driving innovation to increase competitiveness in maritime, iCARE as a Centre of Excellence (CoE) will drive sustainable growth and new technology in Singapore. By creating an enabling environment for value innovation in the industry, BV hopes to generate a positive impact and attract and develop talent in maritime careers.

BV has been leading the market with a portfolio of solutions, embracing the latest technologies and digital tools to help optimize efficiency, improve safety, and ultimately minimize risk. The new innovation centre reaffirms BV’s determination to drive sustainability through innovation.

"As our business continues to strengthen in Singapore and across the region, this investment is aligning BV with stakeholders to ensure collaboration, quickening the journey to GHG and sustainability targets. We already have new sustainability and innovation projects under way and we will be working closely with the recently opened Maritime Centre for Decarbonisation in Singapore. The support of the EDB reflects Singapore’s proactive and leading edge in future technology and decarbonisation." 

David Barrow, Vice-President, Bureau Veritas, Marine & Offshore

Directing iCARE is Koh Shu Yong, previously Head, Commercial & Innovation, Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore in Singapore. Supporting him is Ashish Anilan, Sustainability Leader in BV’s Southeast Asia Zone. 

BV is confident that under the leadership of these experienced individuals, iCARE will prove invaluable to BV strategic plan. 

“Moving into a new era of innovation and technology, it is paramount to shape new paradigms for innovation in the industry and to develop more collaborative impact to explore innovative ideas on sustainable energy solutions for the future, meeting both Singapore’s and global regulatory requirements.” 

Koh Shu Yong, Director, iCARE

"With its focus on the development of new digital services and standards, the launch of iCARE is a welcome boost to the transformation efforts of our Testing, Inspection and Certification industry. These innovation efforts will enhance the sophistication of Singapore’s maritime industry, and further strengthen our role as a maritime hub for the region. In addition, we look forward to working with iCARE and other industry players in the areas of sustainability and alternative fuels, as Singapore transitions towards a low-carbon economy.” 

Dawn Lim, Vice President and Head, Commercial and Professional Services, EDB




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