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Business Accelerator Lab : 21 FEB 2019

21 Feb 2019 – Every month, the French Chamber’s Business Accelerator Lab meets an entrepreneur seeking to present his or her business and get advice, recommendations and relevant contacts from advisors composed of a panel of successful entrepreneurs and professionals with valuable expertise in various sectors and functions

A great sharing session on the Business Accelerator Lab and Mentoring Programme with feedback and new ideas from Advisors and Entrepreneurs, Stéphanie Tahiri and Grégoire Rastoul. Since 2015, more than 90 Entrepreneurs, startups and SME have been accompanied through these two free initiatives dedicated to the members of the French Chamber.

Thanks to the co-Presidents of the Business Accelerator Lab: Laetitia de Seroux and Olivier Grometto and to all the Advisors for their involvement through all the year: Emmanuel Allix, Jean-Yves Broussy, Gary Camps, David Chambat, Celine Le Cotonnec, Carina Rogerio, Bruno Schricke, Stéphane Thierry, and Romain Thune!

Thanks to Viseo International, Digital Makers for hosting the event: Olivier d’hondt, Caline de Robillard and Quentin Le Bris!

If you are a French Entrepreneur or Start-up with a minimum of 1 year activity, you can apply for a session with the Accelerator Lab for free advice at apoumaer(@)fccsingapore.com


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