Business and Human Development Asia: discover TRE

Do you have stress in your life? Do you find yourself sometimes struggling to unwind and have a good night's rest? Perhaps you're frequently anxious, even occasionally irritable?

TRE, or Tension Release Exercise, is a process by which we tap into the body’s natural ability to discharge stress and to return our bodies to a state of balance. Following a series of simple exercises designed by Dr. David Berceli, Isabelle Claus Teixeira will guide you through the specific steps that will help you to access the shaking mechanism which is part of a built-in capacity in all of us to release stress. 

Once you have learnt TRE, it can become a tool which can be easily incorporated into your weekly routine as a way of managing all kinds of stresses. 

Please note that for this activity, the main component will take place on the floor with participants lying on their backs on a yoga mat. Participants are advised to wear loose comfortable clothing with pant bottoms. 

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