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CEO Sustainability Series | Pauline Le Borgne, General Manager Cetim Matcor

As part of the Sustainable Business initiative, the French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore presents a leadership interview series where we invite CEOs and key executives to discuss crucial management qualities that drive successful sustainable transformation


Question 1 : How does sustainability affect the mechanical industry?

One of the most important challenges faced by manufacturers is the reduction of their carbon intensity in order to reduce their environmental footprint: decarbonisation of the production assets and of energies or the reduction of the carbon footprint (CO2, NOx emissions), etc. This is quite a monumental feat as it often requires modifying their organisation, human resource skills and capabilities, processes, and products, even business models in line with increasingly stringent regulations while ensuring productivity and competitiveness of the business.


Q2 :What is the impact on your organisation?

At Cetim, we tend to demonstrate that industry, far from being the problem of ecological transition, is partly the solution. We help companies transform these environmental and social issues into competitive advantages for a high-performance, innovative, and sustainable industry. Thanks to our multidisciplinary expertise, our unique R&D capacities and our deep mastery of Industry 4.0 technologies, we offer tailor-made services and optimal technical and economic solutions to support the decarbonisation of production assets and the development of eco-responsible products on their entire life cycle.

Ecological transition is also an opportunity for mechanical engineering industry to develop and offer new solutions (products, equipments, technologies) to contribute to the decarbonisation (i.e new solutions for CCUS (Carbon Capture Use and Storage), valorisation of waste products via upcycling processes). We invest in concrete solutions to support the mechanical engineering industry worldwide in its environmental transition, such as:

• Industry 4.0 transfer platforms so that SMEs have access to new technological solutions and to the experts who support them in setting up their new economic model and reducing investment risks.

• Additive manufacturing transfer platforms to help the industry to test, evaluate and reduce the risk of embarking on these new technologies allowing the production of lighter and more efficient products.

• Hydrogen platform and expertise for better knowledge and control of hydrogen issues concerning the mechanical sector (production, distribution and use in multiple applications, all fluidic components and systems such as pipes, tanks, compressors, pumps, regulators, all sizes, all materials and for all environments must be improved and qualified to meet new requirements)

• A dedicated team of experts on circular economy, decarbonisation and resilience to provide technical support on standardisation developments, conduct studies on the evaluation of innovative pathways and the development of solutions concerning the circular economy and environmental challenges.

Development of new Cetim Academy training courses to enable manufacturers to keep up with emerging and innovative technologies and thus support the development of new sectors such as Hydrogen.

In Singapore, our subsidiary is also involved in providing the APAC industry with solutions and services to extend the life cycle of industrial products, systems and assets. Indeed, our global expertise covers failure analysis and forensic engineering, if required, design and manufacturing process assessment, asset integrity management throughout, inspection based on risks, condition assessment studies, calculation of the remaining service life of complex structures and systems. Our R&D and transfer programs carried out with our ASEAN partners will make it possible in the future to provide new solutions to manufacturers to deal with environmental challenges. 



This interview was conducted with Pauline Le Borgne, General Manager Cetim Matcor

January 2023| French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore


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