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CEO Sustainability Series | Udomdej Kongtaveelert, Vice President CIF South East Asia, Bureau Veritas

As part of the Sustainable Business initiative, the French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore presents a leadership interview series where we invite CEOs and key executives to discuss crucial management qualities that drive successful sustainable transformation


Question 1: What is sustainability to Bureau Veritas (BV)?

For nearly 200 years, BV has been a trusted partner in helping its clients manage risks related to health, safety, quality, environmental protection and human rights. All are linked to sustainability and central to societal aspirations. Rooted in our history and DNA, sustainability is an integral part of our corporate culture.

This unique identity allows us to meet our clients’ growing needs. Combining our expertise and innovative services, our BV Green Line (a suite of services and solutions specifically addressing sustainability) help clients base their sustainability strategies on facts and data to accurately measure their impact and prove they have fulfilled their commitments.

Offering this type of expertise comes with a duty to be exemplary. We are demanding of our own operations and have set ourselves ambitious internal CSR objectives, leading the way when it comes to ESG in the testing, inspection and certification (TIC) sector. As such, we differentiate ourselves with a consistent strategy that helps make sustainability a reality.


Question 2: How is BV addressing the value of its sustainability roadmap to its clients and the organisation?

Our global sustainability strategy is twofold which reflects our convictions and ambitions. Internally, it represents our commitment to leading by example and serving as a model for the TIC industry through the implementation of our CSR strategy “Shaping A Better World”. Setting ourselves the strictest criteria, we meet the most demanding expectations of the business and our stakeholders.

Externally, it is our commitment to our clients in their journey towards a more sustainable business and a more sustainable world. Making their results traceable, visible and reliable, this gives them credibility as they demonstrate the measurable impact of their ESG actions while protecting their brand and reputation.


Question 3: What actions are you implementing to help clients start their sustainability journey?

The very essence of our value creation is our ability to evolve and address new challenges based on megatrends and client needs. Our strengths - the expertise and commitment of our people, our systematic presence at clients’ operational sites, our comprehensive understanding of clients’ operational realities, and our reputation as an independent third party -, equip us to support clients in their transition to net zero in a variety of ways.

For example, due to the safety of hydrogen’s production and use, we provide end-to-end expertise, from design and construction to the operation of production assets. We contribute to sustainable urban living, allowing clients to improve their environmental performance and achieve greater energy efficiency throughout the lifecycle. We optimise our clients’ ESG performance and make it easy for them to manage and monitor with Clarity (under BV Green Line). We measure, quantify and reduce our clients’ GHG emissions, enabling them to move towards net zero with robust, verified calculations and transparent, credible communication on their carbon footprint.

Further amplifying our commitment in staying close to our clients, we have opened a Centre of Excellence – BV RISE (Regional Institute for Sustainability and Energy Transition) – in Singapore. Having established ourselves 50 years ago in Singapore, BV has grown to become a respected TIC leader. Our commitment to becoming a trusted partner to many clients in their sustainability journey can only enhance Singapore's economy and society



This interview was conducted with Udomdej Kongtaveelert, Vice President CIF South East Asia, Bureau Veritas

August 2023| French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore


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