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Cetim Matcor becomes member of the Franco-Singaporean Scientific Team

During the second meeting of France-Singapore Joint Committee on Science Innovation, on June 2021, the two countries further cemented science and innovation cooperation with the signing of three agreements and the planned commencement of a large collaborative programme on the use of hybrid-artificial intelligence in urban critical systems.
Cetim Matcor will be directly involved in this ambitious cooperation as partner of Descartes project launched by CNRS and Singapore’s National Research Foundation (NRF).
For Cetim, this marks an important step for two reasons.
With the DesCartes programme, we integrate the Create Framework, the Campus for Research Excellence and Technological Enterprise (Create), an R&D initiative set up by the Singapore Government, through the NRF. It aims at developing international Collaborative Interdisciplinary Research projects with a consortium of universities and the best worldwide partners to develop an economy based on knowledge. It hosts the first international establishment of CNRS.
The overall project is aligned with Cetim’s digital strategy, and expertise on digital twins. DesCartes is based on AI-based decision making in critical urban systems, as critical urban infrastructure must be made more efficient, reliable and secure by an optimal combination of AI and human decision-making processes. The projects’ objectives is creating an innovative generic and multi-purpose AI-based methodology to produce new models able to support and empower urban critical systems, as well as test them in use cases.
The green light was just received from NRF. As Mr Heng Swee Keat, Deputy prime minister Coordinating Minister for Economic Policies and Chairman of the National Research Foundation, put it, these initiatives "will create value for both countries as well as for the global community"!

Source: LinkedIn

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