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Chab Agency Unveils Ambitious Expansion Plans in North America for 2024

Guillaume Chabrières, Founder and CEO of Chab Agency, is set to embark on a new chapter as the agency expands its footprint to North America. After an illustrious 14-year journey in Singapore, Guillaume will spearhead Chab Agency's presence in Toronto starting next year.

Reflecting on the agency's inception, Guillaume recalls the humble beginnings of Chab, born from unwavering passion and a visionary spirit. Every milestone, from its inaugural event to global expansions, marks a trajectory defined by substantial growth, continuous learning, and unforgettable experiences.

Chab Agency's legacy extends far beyond borders, fostering meaningful connections and curating immersive events across diverse landscapes, from the peaks of Bhutan to the style capitals of Europe and Asia.

This strategic move isn’t just about changing location; it signifies an audacious leap into a realm brimming with new possibilities, challenges, and opportunities to make an indelible mark on North America's vibrant event landscape.


SOURCE: Chab Agency


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