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Chanel reveals first mascara packaging containing recycled aluminum

French luxury brand Chanel is continuing its green packaging push. With the maison's new Volume mascara packaging from supplier g.pivaudran, the brand is reportedly the first-to-market with aluminum mascara primary packs integrating recycled content.

Chanel has revamped the packaging of its Volume mascara range with French aluminum stamping specialist g.pivaudran to integrate recycled material. "To our knowledge, these are the first mascara packs made with recycled aluminum to launch on the market," g.pivaudran Sales and Development Director Hervé Delaigue tells Formes de Luxe. "Revamping existing packaging to include recycled aluminum is much more challenging than developing a product from scratch," Delaigue affirms. This is particularly the case when working to strict specifications in line with a brand’s luxury codes and with the caveat that the consumer not be able to detect any differences. "The higher the recycled content, the less glossy the material and the more difficult it is to work with," explains Delaigue, which complicates an already technically complex packaging that uses deep stamping on standard aluminum.

Chanel goes for 10-20% recycled aluminum

The brand's Volume line comprises three references: Volume, Volume Revolution and Volume Stretch. The anodized packs come with either a glossy finish (10% recycled aluminum) or a matte finish (20% recycled aluminum). Mechanical engraving during the stamping process is used to achieve the brushed aluminum effect on the Volume Stretch and Volume Revolution packs. The Chanel logo is engraved on the top of the cap, then pad-printed in white. Screenprinting is used for the text on the tube.

The mascaras feature 3D printed mascara brushes from Erpro 3D Factory. 

Chanel’s green packaging push

The mascara containing recycled aluminum is the latest to come from Chanel's sustainable packaging initiatives. Other notable products include the Number 1 range focused on lightweighting and using recycled and recyclable materials, the Chance fragrance flacons that now feature bands in anodized aluminum (g.pivaudran), rather than the previously used galvanized brass, Les Beiges compact in recycled PET (Texen) and the Number % fragrance flacon made with glassmaker Pochet du Courval’s SEVA3 glass grade integrating 15% recycled content for the cult fragrance’s 100th anniversary.

SOURCE: Formes de Luxe 


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