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Classic Fine Foods Launches the CFFALT Recipe Book: A Culinary Journey into Plant-Based Delights

Singapore, 04 January 2024. Classic Fine Foods proudly announces the long-awaited release of the CFFALT Recipe Book, a testament to culinary innovation and the celebration of plant-based cuisine.

Crafted by a team of talented chefs and collaborators across seven Classic Fine Foods markets, this compilation invites food enthusiasts on a gastronomic expedition. Within its pages lies a diverse collection of plant-based recipes, spanning from Asian culinary wonders to international delicacies and indulgent pastries.

The CFFALT Recipe Book isn't just a cookbook; it's a narrative of creativity, innovation, and flavor.It serves as a testament to the versatility of alternative protein ingredients, showcasing Classic Fine Foods' commitment to excellence and dedication to promoting sustainable and innovative culinary practices.

To secure your copy of the CFFALT Recipe Book, interested individuals are encouraged to contact their local Classic Fine Foods team.

For further details about Classic Fine Foods' alternative proteins platform and the CFFALT Recipe Book, visit

SOURCE: Classic Fine Food Singapore


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