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Clever Age and Couleur Citron: a complementary alliance

With its expertise and experience in digital fields, Clever Age reinforces its growth strategy with the acquisition of the global communication agency Couleur Citron.

An omnichannel approach

Through this collaboration, Clever Age and Couleur Citron aim for a 100% omnicanal strategy. This approach is at the heart of the merger regardless of your BtoC and BtoB model.

End of multichannel, beginning of “N0-channel”
Unlike multichannel strategy with a “silo” approach, the omnichannel approach gives a smooth and consistent experience to users through all points of contact.

A strategy already deeply initiated by Couleur Citron with its on and off-line global communication expertise . The agency operates from the communication strategy (with UX design and brand strategy as main pillars) to the activation of all communication levers (print, audiovisual, events, content production).

For a company like Clever Age, it was paramount to extend its online skills with offline contact points (physical point of sales management, event concept mechanism, digital signage, printed catalogue…) and to acquire a production capacity thanks to Couleur Citron know-how (films, visual identity, digital assets such as community management …)

Digital: an obvious synergy

Clever Age has a proven technical expertise thanks to its entities Clever Forge and Clever Presence . The alliance with Couleur Citron enhance its existing digital strategy and graphic design offer (UX and UI Design).

Couleur citron, a global communication agency

Couleur Citron was created in 1991 as an audiovisual production agency . It produced institutional films for major companies such as Engie (formerly known as GDF), Airbus, La Poste…

In 1995 Couleur Citron extended its activity to visual identity design, edition and event organization. With the successful development of digital and Internet, the agency extended its communication skills to digital field.

Nowadays, Couleur Citron positions itself as a global strategy and
production communication agency.

A strategic expertise:
“ A global communication fitting in the brand identity”
● Brand strategy (editorial charter, graphic charter, logo, naming,
brand platform)
● Strategic plan (needs’ identification, creative vision, campaign
concepts, communication plans, communication watch)
● UX Design Method (workshops, audit, benchmark, user needs,
user journey, personas, wireframes)
● Content strategy (audit, strategy recommendations, storytelling)
● Social media strategy (audit, benchmark, E-reputation,
training, strategy recommendations, reporting)
● Digital ecosystems (tools conception, digital strategy,

A production expertise:
“Build a spirit to leave a strong mark”
● Visual identity (editorial charter, graphic charter, iconographic
charter, graphic animation, logotype)
● Digital & social media (mobile applications, websites
development, E-commerce, SEO, SEA, social media,
● Film (institutional films and events, motion design, commercial
spot, web series)
● Events (commercial animation, inauguration, JPO, clients events,
exhibition stands)
● Print (poster, brochure, catalog, flyer, invitation card, stationery)


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