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Club Med launches first Snow Report dedicated to Singapore

Club Med, the Premium All-Inclusive operator and global ski holiday leader has unveiled Singapore first snow holiday report, identifying key insights and influences that drive snow holidays with 500 respondents from Singapore. With the support of market research specialist Dynata, our 2023 report for Singapore maps out the profile of snow holiday goers and their key motivations.​

Key Findings

❅ 38% Singaporeans went on snow holidays in the past 5 years​

❅ Snow holiday goers in Singapore are young (52% between 25 and 34 years old), affluent (42% earn more than 20k SGD/household/month) and most of them already have kids​

❅ Singaporeans are snow seekers of the world and travel within the region as well as outside the region​

❅ Singaporeans skiers and snow boarders are proficient in skiing (55% of them are advanced or intermediate)​

❅ Interest goes beyond winter as 37% express interest for summer mountain holidays​

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Singaporeans are no strangers to snow holidays​

About 38% of Singaporeans have previously experienced snow holidays, showcasing their familiarity with mountain destinations and the diverse offerings available. Typically opting for week-long vacations, Singaporeans consider snow holidays a comprehensive experience that includes admiring breathtaking snowscapes, engaging in skiing and snowboarding, immersing themselves in local cultures, enjoying winter festivals, creating cherished memories with loved ones, and seeking relief from Singapore's heat (scoring +11 points compared to APAC).​

The question arises: What motivates Singaporeans to embark on snow holidays? Beyond appreciating the serene beauty of snowscapes and doing ski and snowboard (54%), Singaporeans prioritize escaping their daily routines, indulging in relaxation at spas and saunas (46%), and enjoying a variety of winter sports outside skiiing (43%).​

When it comes to inspiration, Singaporeans, who are avid social media users, rank above the APAC average in traveling for photography, with 38% expressing this interest (+6 points vs APAC).​

Singaporeans are snow-seekers of the world and hassle-free organisers

Singaporeans have a diverse range of preferences when it comes to snow holidays, with their top five destinations being Japan, Switzerland, China, South Korea, and France. Decision-making is heavily influenced by practical considerations such as the available winter activities (41%), weather conditions (31%), and the ease of activity reservations (29%, +5pts vs APAC). Traditional accommodations like hotels (63%) and resorts (55%) are commonly chosen.​

Given the intricacies involved in planning snow holidays, including booking ski lessons, passes, outfits, and equipment, it's unsurprising that 88% of Singaporeans find an all-inclusive formula more efficient than organizing the entire trip independently. The appeal extends to the opportunity to explore the destination, with 89% considering all-inclusive packages as a hassle-free way to try various activities, aligning with Club Med's solution.​

Considering that Singaporean families play a dominant role in snow holidays, convenience and engaging activities for kids are pivotal factors. Consequently, the presence of a kids' club during their snow holiday is rated as 'absolutely essential' to 'very important' for the majority of Singaporean families

Singaporeans are winter sports enthusiasts and are eager to develop this skill in their kids

When it comes to winter sports, 45% of Singaporeans are drawn to the thrill and enjoyment of actively participating, with an additional 41% attracted to the prospect of acquiring new skills. Notably, 34% express a desire to escape the heat, surpassing the APAC average by 7 points.​

With nearly 7 in 10 Singaporeans possessing experience in skiing and/or snowboarding—21% at an advanced level (+5pts vs APAC), 34% at intermediate, and 31% at the beginner stage—it's evident that they are proficient in winter sports. Impressively, Singapore ranks second globally in terms of having the most advanced skiers, despite lacking a domestic snow destination.​

Highlighting the inclination of younger generations, Singaporeans believe the ideal age to start learning winter sports is between four and 10 years old, with 60% supporting this view. Underscoring the importance of skiing, over 90% of Singaporean families are willing to invest in indoor ski lessons for their children.​

The strong enthusiasm for snow holidays is evident, with 97% of those who have experienced a snow holiday in the last five years expressing a willingness to embark on a ski holiday in the future. This reaffirms the sustained appetite for snow holidays in the coming years.​

Club Med Builds Regional & Global Ski Resort Leadership​

Club Med is solidifying its position as a leader in mountain destinations, boasting over 25 ski resorts across 5 countries. Fueled by ambitious growth plans, Club Med aims to meet the increasing global and regional demand for snow holidays and innovative mountain experiences. Building on the recent launch of Club Med Kiroro Peak in December 2022 and the upcoming unveiling of Club Med Kiroro Grand in December 2023, Club Med is strategically expanding its resort portfolio in the Asia Pacific region. This expansion positions Club Med as the premier ski operator in Hokkaido, affirming its commitment to providing unparalleled mountain getaways.​

In Europe, Club Med offers more than 17 snow resorts, including one nestled in the enchanting ski domain of Val d’Isere, distinguished as the first Exclusive Collection ski resort. Looking ahead, Club Med is set to broaden its presence by introducing, among others, a new resort in Utah, North America, further enhancing its global footprint in the realm of snow holidays.​

SOURCE: Club Med


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