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CMA CGM Kaohsiung Terminal Starts A New Chapter

20-year terminal lease extension at port of Kaohsiung terminal which specialises in handling goods that require customised and reefer solution.

The CMA CGM Group, a world leader in shipping and logistics, started its terminal operations at the port of Kaohsiung as CMA CGM Kaohsiung Terminal Co, Limited (CMA CGM Kaohsiung Terminal) on September 1st, 2021. This follows a 20-year terminal lease extension agreement which the Group has signed with Taiwan International Ports Corporation Ltd.


Sam Chou, General Manager of CMA CGM Kaohsiung Terminal said, “Our renewed terminal lease that runs till 2040 is currently the longest contractual commitment made by a foreign entity in Kaohsiung Port. The Kaohsiung port sits at the crossroads of maritime transport connections between the Americas, Asia and Australia, making it an important transshipment hub for cargoes that we move to and from these continents and within Asia. More than just a station for port stops by carriers, our terminal also specialises in handling goods that require customised and reefer solutions.”


Each week, the CMA CGM Kaohsiung terminal receives 17 regular services including those of CMA CGM, CNC and ANL. Favourably-situated in the harbour, the terminal operates two cargo berths with a linear quay length of 640 metres and draft of 15 metres.  Equipped to handle ships of up to 14,000 TEUs, the CMA CGM terminal offers an annual capacity of 1.3 million TEUs.


With a productivity rate that tops 35 container moves per hour, the terminal runs on the Computer Automatic Terminal Operation System that optimises productivity with six quay cranes – four with twin-lift capability and an outreach across 22 container rows; as well as two single-lift cranes with an outreach across 18 rows of containers.


ISO 45001 certified, the 101-acre terminal provides a comprehensive suite of terminal operation services. It comprises a 21,000-TEU yard that is supported by 19 rubber tyred gantry cranes and 12 container handlers; two container freight stations; three maintenance and repair workshops; and 2 gas stations that provide a one-stop logistics support to shippers.


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