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Co-Founders’ Chab Events Guillaume Chabrières and Alexis Lhoyer received the 2022 Singapore Emerging Entrepreneur Awards

The Association of Trade & Commerce has recognised and honoured Guillaume Chabrières, Co-Founder and CEO of Chab Events, and Alexis Lhoyer, Co-Founder and Chief Business Officer of Chab Events, as the winners of the Singapore Emerging Entrepreneur Awards for the year 2022. This award acknowledges outstanding young entrepreneurs in Singapore who have made significant contributions to the business community.

Guillaume Chabrières said “Unfortunately, my flight was cancelled and Alexis Lhoyer had to go on behalf of both of us tonight at the Ceremony. I am humbled to be among other inspiring entrepreneurs fighting and striving for worthy causes and passions.
It's a great honor to receive this award, and I am grateful for the recognition of our hard work and dedication in event management. As we continue to grow and expand, we remain committed to excellence and providing top-notch services to our clients. This award is a testament to our team's efforts and achievements, and we will continue to push ourselves to new heights. I also want to extend my gratitude to Minister Shawn Wei Zhong Huang for his fantastic opening speech at the event.
Lastly, I want to congratulate all the other winners of the Singapore SME Award 2023. It's an incredible achievement and a testament to the relentless pursuit of excellence in business. Let's continue to strive for growth and success together

Alexis Lhoyer said “It's an honor to receive the Singapore Emerging Entrepreneur Award of the year 2022 from the Association of Trade & Commerce Singapore along with Guillaume Chabrières who sadly missed the ceremony as he got his flight cancelled! Thank you Jimmie Tay for stepping in tonight, and a huge thank you to our teams for their continuous support. Humbled to be along with other entrepreneurs to fight & strive for worthy causes and passions. Thank you Minister  Shawn Wei Zhong Huang for your fantastic opening speech and for hosting us graciously!”

SOURCE: Chab Events



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