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Starting a new job during Covid19 and integrating faster: Codevelopment by Harmony & Mobility Consulting

Harmony & Mobility Consulting is launching groups of codevelopment to gather professionals who are taking on new jobs.

Does the below sound familiar? Harmony & Mobility Consulting asked professionals who started a new job during the pandemic what was their biggest challenge.  

  • 30% said it was understanding their new ecosystem  
  • 27% it was connecting with key stakeholders. 

And when they asked them what was the most helpful to understand and connect for 64% it was interaction, be it with peers or with their manager. 
With this in mind, starting mid-October, Harmony & Mobility Consulting is launching several groups of codevelopment to gather 6 professionals – cross-organisations - who are taking on new jobs.  They will:
- interact, share perspectives
- help each other’s succeed their integration into their new role 
- through a structured approach facilitated by a certified coach

Want to know more?  

  • Get in touch quickly with:

Aude Beneton, MD, Executive Coach & Team Coach

Hélène Bertoneche, Career Coach & Team Coach


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