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Complementarity Assessment Framework (COMPASS)

In addition to meeting the qualifying salary, EP candidates must pass a points-based Complementarity Assessment Framework (COMPASS) from 1 September 2023.

COMPASS enables employers to select high-quality foreign professionals, while improving workforce diversity and building a strong Singaporean core. It is a transparent system that gives businesses greater clarity and certainty for manpower planning.

COMPASS will apply to:

  • New applications from 1 September 2023

  • Renewals from 1 September 2024


Your application can also earn additional points on bonus criteria if it meets the relevant qualifying conditions. These criteria recognise applications that bring in skills in shortage and support strategic economic priorities, thus creating good jobs for Singaporeans.

40 points are required to pass COMPASS:

  • Applications that meet expectations (earn 10 points) on all 4 foundational criteria will pass (Example A-1 and Example A-2).
  • Otherwise, applications can make up the required points by exceeding expectations on another criterion (Example B) or by scoring bonus points (Example C).

Exemption from COMPASS

Your candidate is exempted from COMPASS if they fufill any of these conditions:

SOURCE: Ministry of Manpower


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