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Decathlon and Recyc'elit Team-Up to Innovate in Textile Recycling

In light of DECATHLON's North Star, sustainability, including circularity, is key to DECATHLON Alliances' investment strategy towards building tomorrow's recycling value chain and industry.

The recycling process of complex textiles such as polyester and its mix with other fibers is a priority for DECATHLON, and RECYC’ELIT is a trusted partner in developing recycled products from textile waste.

Founded in 2020 in Lyon (France) by brothers and PhD scientists Karim and Raouf Medimagh, RECYC’ELIT has developed a groundbreaking technology of materials separations to obtain recycled polyester, elastane and polyamide. With a first demonstrator to be built in 2025, the startup’s main mission is to eliminate waste through chemical recycling, with applications in a wide range of industries. 

RECYC’ELIT’s technology will enable DECATHLON to access recycled textile from textile waste, and maintain its competitive advantage while being part of the textile
recycling value chain.

The initiative of DECATHLON is aiming at enabling innovators and at promoting trailblazing, sustainable approaches in the textile industry aligned with Recyc’Elit ambitions and vision to transform the textile value chain, allowing to concretise this strategic partnership.

Franck Vigo, Chief of Alliances and New Business at DECATHLON says: “We are very pleased to partner with RECYC’ELIT, with whom we share common values and a commitment to drive positive change across the textile industry and beyond. To truly contribute to the decarbonation of our planet, we must support and
surround ourselves with the brightest minds and the most committed and innovative partners. It's not just about finding solutions; it's about nurturing them, refining them, and scaling them for impact.”

Karim and Raouf Medimagh, respectively RECYC’ELIT’s President & CEO, explain: “Together, we can turn the tide on textile waste, transforming it to a valuable resource in our circular economy. This partnership with DECATHLON fully aligns with our values. Besides the complete and obvious human fit between us, both of our companies aim at creating together a fertile ground to push the entire textile industry to its next chapter in the upcoming years”.

DECATHLON’s strategic investment will coexist with a long-term commercial collaboration that notably includes the creation of capsule collections, as well as building the value chain together with RECYC’ELIT and all committed partners eager to engage into this journey.

SOURCE: Decathlon


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