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Discova Partners with Horus in Asia

We are delighted to announce a new partnership with Horus Development & Consulting.

Horus Development & Consulting specialise in Luxury Tourism Representation and provide marketing, distribution, promotion, public and stakeholder relation services in the Asia-Pacific region. 

They will represent Discova in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand. Their expertise will fine-tune our services and increase our market knowledge in these countries.  

The move comes as part of our ambitious plans for growth in the region as we look to develop an ever-stronger presence in Asia’s outbound markets.  

The partnership comes on the back of the acquisition of Grasshopper Adventures. 

What’s more, with core principles that closely align with ours, working with Horus will allow us to double down on a more significant commitment to sustainable and responsible travel. 

Benoit Badufle, Managing Director of Horus Development & Consulting, is particularly proud of this aspect of the collaboration:  



He continues: “Likewise, Discova focuses on sustainable travel initiatives and community development. With 95% of its employees based locally, it drives direct benefits into the local communities and, retrospectively, benefits Discova with unrivalled grassroots knowledge and experience.”

“We are honoured to join Discova in driving positive change and rethinking growth in the travel industry.”

Andrew Turner, Discova Global Director of Sales and Marketing, is excited about the possibilities of the new partnership: 

“We have seen in recent years that Asia is a huge growth market, both for inbound and outbound travel. In particular, helping travellers to explore within the region is a real market opportunity for us to capitalise on.” 


He continues: “We’ll look to work together and pool our resources toward extending our sustainably focused services to Southeast Asian markets.” 

This announcement comes off the back of a run of good news for Discova, as we recently announced the acquisition of Grasshopper Adventures. Grasshopper is one of the world’s leading operators of sustainably focused bicycle tours specialising in multi-day adventures.

It’s these types of experiences we’ll be looking to bring to a wider market across Asia.

More about Horus and how we will collaborate 

With a main office in Singapore, Horus Development & Consulting covers 14 of the main territories in Asia Pacific, including Australia, Greater China, India, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia. 

They are members of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) and of the Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA).  

They pride themselves on being the key to unlocking Asia’s immense business opportunities. 

Horus Development & Consulting will add value to Discova’s key competencies by capitalising on their in-depth knowledge of the Southeast Asian markets, creating targeted sales and training programmes, thereby increasing market knowledge of Discova in the region. 

Being welcomed with open arms into the Discova family, our sales teams will be developing great relationships with Horus team members over the coming weeks. As a result, we hope to bring our excellent range of services to an increasing number of interregional travellers in Asia. 




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