Dragages' Phase 2 at BCA Braddell Campus receives IES Sustainability and Engineering Achievement Awards

Dragages Singapore received the IES Sustainability Award and IES Prestigious Engineering Achievement Award last evening, during the World Engineers Summit 2023 Conference Dinner and IES 57th Annual Dinner, for its Phase 2 Intensification Project at BCA Braddell campus.

The new Phase 2 Intensification Project aims to lead by example through live demonstration and test-bedding of innovative technologies in both energy-efficient buildings, ultimately transforming it into an immersive learning and innovative environment. This initiative focuses on showcasing and experimenting with cutting-edge technologies and solutions leveraging on Collaborative Approach in Design and Project Management.

These two esteemed awards showcase the success of building a collaborative working environment which hinges on three key factors – 1) early involvement of all project stakeholders, including consultants and contractors; 2) people engagement between the public and private sectors; and 3) organizational and mindset change. This is leading the way with collaborative contracting – a practice promoted by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA). It encourages stakeholders to work together to resolve differences, develop solutions and share risks to meet common project goals.




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