EDF and SNCF groups sign their first 20-year renewable electricity purchase contract

The EDF and SNCF groups announced on 7 April 2021 the signing between EDF Renouvelables and SNCF Energie, a subsidiary of SNCF Voyageurs, of their first renewable electricity purchase contract (Green Corporate Power Purchase Agreement 1 ) of a period of 20 years. This contract covers the electricity production of a 20 MW solar power plant, the construction of which will begin in the coming months.

Through this contract, EDF Renouvelables undertakes to supply SNCF Energie with the electrical production of a 20 MW photovoltaic plant located in the municipalities of Lacha-pelle-Auzac and Souillac, in the Lot department, for 20 years. , at a price determined in advance and competitive. Construction of the solar power plant will begin this year, with commissioning scheduled for 2023.

The plant's annual production will amount to 25 GWh, which corresponds for example to around half of the electricity consumption required for the circulation of TGVs between Paris and Lille each year.



The SNCF group is pursuing its ambitious and proactive energy transition policy, while already being the operator of passenger and freight transport with the lowest greenhouse gas emissions in the mobility sector in France: it carries 11% of passengers and goods in France for less than 1% of the sector's greenhouse gas emissions.

SNCF Voyageurs confirms its ambition to achieve 40 to 50% renewable energies in its mix of electricity consumption for train traction by 2025. To achieve this, its subsidiary SNCF Energie is engaged in negotiations with various developers and producers of renewable energy. The objective is to develop these “Green Corporate PPA” contracts up to 20% of electricity consumption for train traction.

For the EDF group, the challenge is to support its customers towards carbon neutrality, the heart of its raison d'être, by developing fossil-free solutions for transport, industry and buildings. A leading player in renewable energies, the Group contributes to their development, in accordance with the objectives of the Government, which wishes to increase their share in the French electricity mix to 40% by 2030. This new photovoltaic project also contributes to the success of the Solar Plan of EDF, which aims to make the Group one of the solar leaders in France with a target of 30% market share by 2035.

On this occasion, Jean-Bernard Lévy, Chairman and CEO of the EDF Group , declared: “  We are very happy to sign with the SNCF group our first corporate PPA in France for a new asset. This success once again demonstrates our ability to offer competitive and innovative solutions to our customers in terms of energy transition. This contract will allow EDF to support SNCF in its commitment to the fight against climate change and paves the way for other cooperation between our Groups. The project is in line with the CAP 2030 strategy which aims to double the renewable capacities of the EDF group from 28 GW to 60 GW net, between 2015 and 2030  ”.

Jean-Pierre Farandou, Chairman and CEO of the SNCF group , explains: “  This signature by SNCF Energie is in line with the desire of the entire SNCF group and the railway workers to make the train the ultimate sustainable mobility solution. We are proud to contribute through this contract signed with the EDF group to the creation of additional solar photovoltaic capacities in France, which will contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in France and in Europe  ”.

1 Green Corporate PPA: contract for the direct purchase of electricity by which a consumer company obtains its supplies directly from a solar or wind power plant built for this purpose at a price determined in advance in the medium or long term.


This article was adapted from the original press release in French, via EDF.


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