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Interview with Jonathan Juay, Exclusive Networks Asia: Innovating, Disrupting, Securing

FOCUS #69 - Jonathan Juay, Vice President Asia of Exclusive Networks Asia shares about the business challenges that are most vulnerable to cyber threats today.

Can you introduce us to Exclusive Networks Asia?

Exclusive Networks has an ambitious mission.

Headquartered in Paris, the global specialist VAD for cybersecurity and cloud solutions operates in 100+ countries with Euro 2 billion in revenue and 1,800 employees. Exclusive Networks is on a mission to help partners innovate and disrupt at scale; addressing the widening skills shortfalls in cyber and cloud that threaten to undermine the digital evolution of millions of organisations worldwide. With a proven platform for growth, Exclusive Networks is able to accelerate market opportunities for technology vendors that are both leaders and disruptors. This is complemented with a broad suite of compelling services and skill competencies that ensure the longterm relevance of channel partners in the face of fast-moving customer challenges.

With this winning formula, Exclusive Networks has enjoyed unprecedented global growth by capitalising on the explosion and rapid adoption on cyber and cloud solutions.


What kind of business challenges do you see vulnerable to cyber threats today?

More and more businesses are embarking on a digital transformation journey, making use of big data, IoT, etc. to address traditional problems. Digital transformation seeks to address many key business challenges such as speed to market, and to maintain business agility in a facepaced environment. Cloud services and applications are more widely used than ever, and with this comes security challenges. While businesses strive to embrace digital transformation, they also think of how to maintain the same, if not similar, security posture as an onpremise setup. Skills and knowledge are key to ensuring businesses remain secure.


Could you share with us the latest technologies at Exclusive Networks regarding cybersecurity? Any of these examples in Singapore?

Exclusive Networks carries more than 10 top tier cybersecurity vendor brands, all of which continue to evolve, in terms of product lines and available features, to help businesses address the latest cyber threats. Solution integration plays an integral part of delivering effective security. For example, in the healthcare sector, we could deploy Forescout NAC (network access control) with Palo Alto Networks NGFW (next generation firewall) integration. This combination helps to provide great visibility into connected devices within the environment, and help control and identify any noncompliant or rogue devices that are connected to the network. With Palo Alto integration, a foreign device can be locked down and/or quarantined in no time.


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