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French luxury at the forefront of sustainability Comité Colbert publishes its 3rd magazine

For the first time in the United States, Comité Colbert will distribute its third journal, comprised of testimony  of the environmental, social and governance (ESG) commitments of its 93 luxury maisons, including Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga, Cartier, and Chanel, among others. The journal is to be circulated with the New York Times on February 16, 2024, as part of a one-time distribution partnership.

Entitled “French Luxury is Reinventing the Life cycle of Products,” the third Comité Colbert magazine captures the actions of its members across the entire value chain: human resources, raw material sourcing, eco-design, transport and after-sales, to name a few, with all subjects addressing the same concern for transparency. The magazine also provides insights of  the 14 sectors that make up the French luxury goods industry and continue to celebrate the savoir faire of its creators.

« Like a French savoir-faire team, together we have accumulated 18,000 years of expertise, passion and shared values. A canonical age that enables us to assert today that we are a powerful collective with rights, those of sharing our dreams, but also duties », explains its Chairman, Laurent Boillot, who also serves as Chairman of Hennessy. Together, Comité Colbert’s maisons innovate in all areas of sustainability to be exemplary. The only way to move forward is in coalition, considering sustainability as a goal for the common good  rather than a source of a competitive advantage.

Sustainably committed employees
The magazine opens with a gallery of 14 portraits of employees who are shaping the future of the maisons. The journal unlocks new ideas from those of all ages with various roles at each company, advocating a decompartmentalization of sustainability. While there is still work to be done, talent such as Tomoko Lawton, Boutique Manager in Orlando and member of Christian Louboutin’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee; Jean Melkonian, Head of Atelier at Christian Dior Couture, who shares  his acumen to the younger generation; and Victoria Girard at Chanel, who leads responsible transformation of packaging, will play a key role in leading the industry’s continued embrace of sustainabilty.

Key figures of sustainability in French luxury
In addition to its original format, the magazine includes a new collective view of the sector’s ESG practices, based on a questionnaire sent to the maisons. Key learnings include that 96% of member companies have carried out a carbon footprint up to Scope 3, that 87% are taking action in favor of biodiversity, and that 100% have implemented a waste reduction and recovery policy.

Innovation throughout the product life cycle
As in previous editions, a central feature focuses on the many initiatives unveiled by our maisons to reinvent the product life cycle. For example: how can endangered resources be sustained? How far can packaging be stripped without undermining sacrifcing the customer experience? How can we trace the entire chain to provide the transparency consumers want? How can we care for the earth? What role can upcycling play? What about repair? Innovative sailing transport?

Tangible results
Excitingly, the magazine reveals many tangible results achieved by the maisons. 202,000: the number of repairs carried out by Hermès workshops in 2022.

100%:  the rate of unsold items’ recycling at Celine.

At Chloé, products with reduced environmental impact reached 60% of ready-to-wear lines.

40% by 2035: the ambitious target set by Kering to reduce absolute carbon emissions.

In 2023, 78% of Rémy Martin bottles were sold without secondary packaging. The same year, YSL Beauty protected more than 46,000 hectares and planted more than 134,000.

Since its founding, Cartier has invested nearly 10 million dollars and recognized 297 women all over the world with its Women Initiative Program.

Working for equality
Environmental responsibility is only one priority for the evolution of French luxury. Gender equality to greater diversity, fighting against violence against women, actively supporting culture and women entrepreneurs: all of Comité Colbert’s maisons reflect on their role in the country and their impact on the world.

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SOURCE: Comite Colbert


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