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Gourmet Partner Singapore Partners with Les Frères Marchand

Gourmet Partner Singapore is excited to partner with famous cheesemonger company, Les Frères Marchand to offer high-quality artisanal cheeses to their customers!

Started since 1880, Les Frères Marchand is one of France’s largest and oldest cheese-maturing companies, whose secrets have been passed down through 7 generations.

Today, Les Frères Marchand has several cheese shops in France and exports worldwide their selection of more than 300 matured cheeses. Thanks to the know-how passed on from generation to generation, Les Frères Marchand has become a reference in aging and ripening cheeses, offering the perfect maturity of selected cheeses from France, Switzerland, Holland, Germany & Italy.

Their cheeses, steeped in history and typicity are exclusively sourced from a network of small producers who are passionate about their craft.

SOURCE: Gourmet Partner Singapore


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