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IDEMIA Secure Transactions paves the way for seamless car access with its cutting-edge automotive-grade NFC Key Cards

IDEMIA Secure Transactions becomes the first company in the world to receive the NFC Forum certification for its automotive NFC key cards

IDEMIA Secure Transactions reinforces its leadership in the Automotive industry by becoming the first company in the world to receive the NFC Forum certification for its automotive Near Field Communication (NFC) Key Cards, demonstrating that they are fully compatible with all NFC-equipped vehicle designed for smartphone-enabled CCC Digital Key™ as specified by the Car Connectivity Consortium.

This achievement underscores IDEMIA Secure Transactions’ commitment to interoperability of its car access solutions and the company’s efforts to consistently enhance the user experience by aligning with cutting-edge industry standards.

IDEMIA Secure Transactions (IST), a division of IDEMIA Group, is a leading provider of payment and connectivity solutions for financial institutions, mobile network operators and automotive manufacturers. IST proudly received the NFC Forum Certification according to the latest Certification Release 13 (CR13) for its NFC key card portfolio. The compliance with this certification includes automotive car access NFC use cases as specified by the Car Connectivity Consortium® (CCC), a cross-industry organization advancing technologies for smartphone-to-car connectivity solutions.

With the compatibility of its automotive-grade NFC Key Cards with CCC Digital Key™, IST creates the perfect conditions for automakers to deploy seamless NFC car access solutions to their vehicles. From now on, only one protocol is needed to integrate both physical and digital cards.

A new step in the deployment of NFC car access in the automotive industry

This milestone not only demonstrates IST’s commitment to seamless interoperability between NFC-enabled vehicles and its NFC Key Cards but also complements IST’s digital keys offering, developed in accordance with the CCC specification and scheduled for commercialization in 2025. This achievement positions IST as the first automotive stakeholder worldwide to align with cutting-edge industry standards.

While digital keys offer unparalleled convenience, carmakers are expressing a strategic interest in providing their customers with physical NFC key cards. It is a necessary complimentary companion for car access and an essential brand identity asset for carmakers. To meet this need, IST has created a dedicated portfolio designed to match automotive industry quality and reliability requirements.

"We’re incredibly proud to announce that IDEMIA Secure Transactions has become the pioneering force worldwide to achieve the CR13 NFC Forum certification for our automotive-grade NFC Key Cards. This milestone not only highlights our commitment to cutting-edge industry standards but also solidifies our leadership in the automotive sector. By attaining the highest certifications, we ensure the highest level of security, reliability, and convenience in our solutions. This achievement reflects the innovative spirit and expertise of our teams, reaffirming IDEMIA Secure Transactions as the industry frontrunner." Fabien JAUTARD, Executive Vice President for Connectivity Services at IDEMIA Secure Transactions

IDEMIA is a trusted partner of the Automotive industry for next generation physical and digital keys as well as flexible connectivity management, having already connected 45 million cars in the world for 5 of the top 10 carmakers.



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