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IDEMIA’s urbanGo Fly 40 transport card receives new certification

ISO/ IEC TS 24192 certification ensures compatibility and interoperability with transport infrastructure.

In today’s rapidly evolving transportation landscape, interoperability and adherence to international standards are paramount.

IDEMIA Secure Transactions, the leading technology provider that unlocks safer and easier ways to pay and connect, has once again demonstrated its commitment to excellence by achieving ISO/ IEC TS 24192 certification for its urbanGo Fly 40; a dual-interface card designed for use in public transportation that is also available as fully contactless. This product supports the Calypso platform, offering high security and fast contactless transactions. UrbanGo Fly 40 caters to the needs of occasional users and account-based ticketing. This certification, achieved through a collaborative effort with ICUBE—a specialized testing laboratory renowned for its expertise in smart card technology—marks a significant milestone in advancing transport solutions and underscores IDEMIA’s position as a pioneer in the industry.

ISO/IEC TS 24192, the latest specification aimed at enhancing interoperability within transportation infrastructures, represents a shift towards international standards by providing greater consistency and compatibility across systems.

IDEMIA’s urbanGo Fly 40 not only meets these stringent requirements but also leverages the latest technological advancements, including the impact on testing methods of active PICC transmission technology supported by smartphones. This ensures seamless integration and reduces the risk of interoperability issues in the field.

IDEMIA Secure Transactions ensures compatibility and interoperability across diverse systems, facilitating seamless travel experiences for commuters worldwide.

"This milestone not only highlights our unwavering commitment to excellence but also reaffirms IDEMIA’s position as a true leader in the industry. By aligning with international standards and leveraging the latest technological advancements, we continue to push the boundaries of innovation, driving positive change and shaping the future of urban mobility."
David Mitel, Urban Mobility Business Line Director for Payment Services, IDEMIA Secure Transactions

"The interoperability between a transport ticket and the readers of a transport infrastructure can only be ensured through functional conformity tests conducted on the cards and readers. The ISO/IEC TS 24192 specification follows the evolution of the ISO/IEC 14443 standard and now brings these technological advancements to the world of transportation, thereby benefiting interoperability."
Stéphane JOBARD, Laboratory Manager & CEO, ICUBE Testing Center



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