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Ielo design: partnered with NTUC Health to refresh their senior day care centre in Jurong West

A warm, cosy and nature-inspired space designed for ageless seniors to interact, socialize and enjoy themselves.

The world of senior care is rapidly evolving, and Ielo design is proud to have collaborated with leading eldercare provider, NTUC Health, to adapt and introduce a redefined senior care experience in Jurong West. NTUC Health is an NTUC social enterprise that provides a comprehensive and integrated suite of quality and affordable health and eldercare services.

Combining in-depth industry research and stakeholder understanding, our design aims to treat seniors to a pleasant and stimulating environment where they can spend their time meaningfully every day!

Introducing a redefined senior care experience that empowers seniors to exercise autonomy and engage in the activities they enjoy. Doing away with the usual cold, medical environment, warmth and coziness was injected through nature-inspired motifs and interactive elements. This was done all while ensuring modularity of the space to ensure use for multiple purposes. Overall, seniors are treated to a welcoming and pleasant environment where they can spend their time meaningfully every day.


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