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IFS clinches GOLD and SILVER Awards at Singapore Education Awards 2023

International French School (Singapore) bags two category wins at the Singapore Education Awards this year.

If you’re looking for a bilingual international school that incorporates sustainability into student life, the International French School (Singapore) (IFS) is the perfect fit. At the Singapore Education Awards 2023, IFS stood out by earning the Gold award for Sustainable International School of the Year due to its unwavering dedication to sustainability and proactive encouragement of student-led initiatives aimed at fostering a greener planet.

But that’s not its only accolade – IFS also secured the Silver award for Best Bilingual Programme this year. The school’s bilingual programme is renowned for providing outstanding bilingual education at an affordable rate, coupled with a proven track record of academic excellence.


Leading the way in sustainable international education

Sustainability stands as a critical factor in the well-being of both people and the planet; and there’s no better approach to raising awareness than by educating the generations that will shape our future. The IFS takes a pioneering stance in sustainability and environmental consciousness within international education. It’s more than an aspiration; it’s a living reality extending beyond classrooms. Beginning with the installation of solar panels as symbols of commitment to clean energy generation and reducing the carbon footprint, IFS leverages them as educational tools. The school places significant emphasis on student-led sustainability initiatives as well, with eco-delegates from each class leading diverse projects like recycling programmes. Additionally, IFS prioritises sustainable transport by maintaining an eco-friendly school bus fleet to curb emissions. Looking ahead, in 2025, IFS Kindergarten will unveil a groundbreaking BCA Green Mark Platinum (Zero Energy) Building, exemplifying its dedication to providing an eco-friendly learning environment for its students.


Bilingual teaching is at the core of IFS educational philosophy

Enrolling your child in bilingual programmes at international schools in Singapore can be a costly commitment. However, the IFS offers access to affordable yet premium bilingual education certified by the French Ministry of Education. What’s even better? This education is delivered by highly experienced teachers with a proven track record of academic success to a diverse student body of international students aged two to 18 years old, representing 80+ nationalities. Additionally, as a member of one of the world’s largest global networks of international schools, IFS facilitates international mobility, ensuring hassle-free transferability to 580 schools across 138 countries.

Bilingual learning has its own set of impressive benefits too. According to various studies, it not only fosters open-mindedness among students but also showcases positive effects on brain function and enhances cognitive development.




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