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FOCUS 69: Putting Jumpster on the map

FOCUS #69 - Sebastien de Peretti, Co-Founder of Jumpster presents us the company, a tech solution provider concentrated on Cyber Security and AI.

Who is Jumpster and why did you decide to concentrate on cybersecurity?

Jumpster is a business development and tech venture company based in Singapore. We help innovative companies to accelerate in the region by finding new customers and sales partners, and then co-investing to build their local entity.

Amongst others, we are concentrating on cybersecurity as a key market sector in the region, because of the very high stakes it represents for businesses and government alike, and the increasing need for very innovative solutions to mitigate these risks.


Why have attacks been so successful?

Cyber attacks have evolved from “Hackers in their garage” to much more advanced organisations of cybercriminals and even statecommanded ones.

Fraud actors are now using cyber reconnaissance techniques to spy and select their targets, and automated tools (increasingly using AI) to create never-seen-before malware attacks (aka “Zero Day”) to achieve their goals. They are very well organized, and an entire value chain exists on the so-called dark web, where various types of data can sell between fifty US cents to tens of US dollars each. Bad actors are therefore pocketing large financial benefits and are extremely motivated to continue to bypass IT defenses.

Additionally, cyber criminals are making attack kits available for non-technical wannabe hackers to launch cyber attacks. This results in a rapidly increasing volume of advanced, evasive cyber threats.


How are businesses and government agencies responding?

Many countries throughout the Asia Pacific Region have recently started to implement Notifiable Data Breach schemes: when a business suffers a data breach, it must notify affected parties and the relevant government body about data breaches which are likely to result in serious harm. Singapore, Australia are leading the way in that effort.

At enterprise level, IT security is fast becoming a Board-level priority. But SMEs are still under-equipped to protect themselves, traditional security solutions are no longer up to the task when it comes to protecting organizations and skilled IT security professionals are in high demand, same as innovative tools that can support tomorrow’s next attack.


How is France perceived in Singapore for cyber solutions?

France ANSSI and Singapore CSA have had a long-lasting relationship and strengthened their collaboration since the signature of a MOU in 2015. French technology providers are very well perceived, and mid to large companies have already paved the way, as confirmed by the presence and success of THALESGEMALTO, OBERTHUR, Sebastien de Peretti, Co-Founder of Jumpster SOPRA STERIA, OBS and we see now more startups and SMEs flourishing in the region as BERTIN, QOSMOS, SECURE IC, WALLIX, WEBDRONE…

Also, Singapore attained in January 2019 the status of a Certificate Authorising Nation under the Common Criteria Recognition Arrangement, which is a real opportunity for French solutions already certified!


How is France perceived in Singapore for cyber solutions?

Through the French Tech initiative, we are actively participating to the French Tech Cyber Community, that is gathering around cyber topics.

In parallel to our activity, we are also tying strong relationships with local communities like ICE71, Div0 and Cylon, participating as mentors to their cohorts, introducing local startups to our network of potential investors and customers. It’s important to understand the challenges faced by the corporates and what type of technology would make sense to bring to the market. Attackers are wiser and wiser, but technology is evolving fast as well.

Hence, we are seeking motivated and very innovative French cyber startups to accelerate in Asia-Pacific and facilitate their access to the region. We interrogate our channel partners and potential customers in the region if they would integrate such solution. We have a very pragmatic approach to be able to deliver real projects fast. 


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