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La Petite Ecole Group given accreditation for their Bangkok preschool

La Petite Ecole in Bangkok has very recently obtained the accreditation from the French Ministry of Education, as its sister in Singapore did some six years ago.

This represents a great accomplishment for the unpretentious, family-run group of human-scale schools, a new confirmation of the high quality and professionalism of its entire pedagogical team. To be granted the accreditation is to become a partner of the AEFE (Agency for French Education Abroad), which not only translates into advantages for the school’s employees, who are given access to professional trainings, but also for both the students (no entry exams required to any school within the network) and their parents (possibility to apply for a grant for students of French nationality).

Already identified in March 2019 as one of the best 10 preschools in Thailand by the education magazine “The Knowledge Review”, La Petite Ecole Bangkok sets foot in the big league. Although each school of the group strongly adheres to the company’s core values, the unique character of La Petite Ecole Bangkok makes it an exceptional place to grow and learn, which is best appreciated when visiting the school: a bright villa with open indoor spaces where unusual, permanent workshops spark the children’s curiosity day after day; a big, naturally green and shaded garden with a pool, a musical garden, a sensory garden and path, a sports trail, a mud kitchen, a carpentry corner, and a sandpit. A true gem, hidden in the heart of the Sathorn area!

The five fundamental pillars of La Petite Ecole Bangkok are bilingualism, the mixing of ages, autonomy, benevolence and the environment; the school strongly believes that these pillars are essential to help build the students’ self-confidence in the first place, later facilitating the acquisition of the academic learnings.

Far from being a conventional school, La Petite Ecole Bangkok is not only innovative but it also puts an emphasis on the Arts and nature, while ensuring that the French curriculum, taught in French and English, is carefully followed. Progressive and effective methods, an environment that responds to strict criteria, a competent and passionate team: La Petite Ecole Bangkok has little left to prove. 

In order to celebrate this recent success, La Petite Ecole Singapore has extended its Early Bird offer til the 31st of July, 2019… only a few days left to benefit from it! Terms & conditions in our schooling fees:


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