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LX21 Omnichannel Transformation Success Series - #1

For the first post of the series, we are very proud to share a video overview of our successes from LX21 - our 5-year omnichannel transformation journey. Beyond laying the right operating foundations for omni-distribution, we have grown our various business segments significantly. 

We once were a strong regional fragrance-focused distributor with a solid brick-and-mortar core. Now, we are recognised as the leading omni-distribution platform across Asia Pacific, covering all categories in luxury beauty, powered by data-driven consumer analytics in all our 15 markets. More than that, we have developed a strong edge in eCommerce enablement covering Toys, FMCG, Fashion & Apparel, and more.

Behind it all, we have our resilient and passionate Talents to thank. They are the engine in making all these possible, driving the transformation successfully as #OneTeam while weathering the storm of a COVID-19 pandemic. Here is a video to see how we did it the LUXASIA way – enjoy!

About the series:
This series highlights the successes of LX21 - LUXASIA’s 5-year omnichannel transformation journey and how we did it the LUXASIA way – with passion, courage, entrepreneurship, and excellence.

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