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Meet ORkA: the ENGIE-Backed Clean-Tech Company helping businesses increase profitability by becoming Energy Efficient

Through an automated digital platform, customers learn which areas must be improved and ORkA provides the funding to do it.

HOUSTON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES  / -- Founded by Asim Qureshi in 2021 and backed by the energy giant ENGIE announced the release of their innovative digital platform in August 2022. An advanced digital system that easily allows customers to input their energy information -about their buildings, factories, and businesses- and get a clear and professional improvements report instantly. Then, depending on the ROI of each action plan the customer makes an informed decision to choose the best for them, and ORkA fully finances and deploys the solution.

ORkA’s vision is to enable a world where businesses, both small and large, can benefit from being sustainable and energy-efficient. And have this scenario leading Earth into a greener and healthier reality, without sacrificing profits. Which is a dogma wrongly thought as either one or the other -profiting vs. being green.

We don’t only believe in sustainability as a profit enhancer, we deeply know for a fact that they are an inseparable mix for the next generation of businesses. Having a clear sight on their sustainability path, along with the funding to execute it not only will make them profitable today, but also future proof their business through compliance for years to come." stated Asim, Founder and CEO.

The digital platform is accessible to any interested parties through ORkA’s website, and the entire process can be fulfilled in a few simple steps:

● Inputting data about a particular building or factory.
● Receiving the instant report with multiple approaches and solutions.
● Getting 100% of the funding without any upfront CAPEX.
● Tracking performance post-implementation.

As to the funding, the mechanics rely on simple financial models. ORkA upfronts the CAPEX expenditure and operational cost with its Build, Own, Operate and Transfer mode (BOOT). This allows customer to just focus on their core business while ORkA guarantees performance and savings.

Although ORkA solutions apply to any type of business, there are two core niches that can get a significant positive bottom-line impact by embracing a more sustainable way of doing business. Those niches are Commercial Real Estate, and Industrial Manufacturing or Assembling factories. Due to their large scale, simple sustainability improvements can significantly impact their profits, reduce their utility costs, and in some cases their taxes as well.

Thanks to ORkA these industries and all their complexities can ensure compliance in an extremely simple way. We’re eager to see how we’ll change the world in the next few years.” added Asim.




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