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Melvita: the green powerhouse of the L’Occitane group moves upmarket

For Melvita, a pioneering organic cosmetics brand and a subsidiary of the L’Occitane group, turning forty rhymes with assessment, renewal, and upmarket move. New brand image, new logo, new packaging... Melvita’s teams have embarked on a rewarding rebranding project which will be gradually rolled out starting from the first quarter of 2024.

Nathaëlle Davoust, who has headed Melvita for just over two years, is leading the overhaul of the forty-year-old brand. “With this revamp, we aim to strengthen our legitimacy as an innovative, modern brand, although we are one of the leaders in the organic segment”, explains the General Manager. Melvita did not wait for the rebranding to recruit Miss France 2011 and TV presenter Laury Thilleman as its social media ambassador, in order to convey a sparkling, fresh image of its skincare products and to recruit a younger audience. “We have already felt Laury’s impact throughout France. We are already seeing a rejuvenation of our customer base", smiles Nathaëlle Davoust.

Japan and France

Melvita has announced a double-digit growth for 2023. Japan is its biggest market, closely followed by France. In Japan, the brand has succeeded in stabilizing its own stores, which now number twenty, despite the difficult situation related to the Covid-19 pandemic.

In France, Melvita intends to focus its investments on pharmacies, with a short-term target of 3,000 points of sale, compared with just over 1,500 today. “Since the pandemic, pharmacies have come to occupy a prominent place and gained French people’s trust, in their minds and daily lives. As a result, we are going to step up our presence in this channel and strengthen our team training and point-of-sale events”, stresses Nathaëlle Davoust.

Elegant, glamorous, organic

Behind Melvita’s rebranding, our strong message is meant to show – I would even say prove – that an organic brand can be elegant and glamorous. By 2025, 100% of our packs will have changed identity and will boast the brand’s new logo and colours. We have taken advantage of our work on brand image to streamline our range, reducing it all to 120 references, compared to 150 previously”, stresses the CEO.

The new dark green logo still emphasizes naturalness, but in a more subtle, premium way. The round letters were designed to express the values of generosity, joy, gentleness, and femininity. Each flagship range will have its own distinctive packaging colour. Also, the new packs are meant to strike the right balance between the codes of expertise, with lots of white, and the drawings of plant shapes, for naturalness. Everywhere are plant veins that resemble skin cells.

NectarCalm, Melvita’s new skincare range to be launched in February 2024, will be the first to adopt the brand’s new colours and logo. With a minimalist composition approved by a toxicologist, this line was designed to help sensitive skin regain its balance. It includes two products: a soothing, strengthening serum and an anti-redness, soothing balm. These compositions got a score of 100/100 on Yuka. A light version of the balm will be available in April 2024.

Sustainability and naturalness at the core of Melvita’s promises

One of the biggest challenges for us as an organic brand is to minimize our carbon footprint”, continues Nathaëlle Davoust.

With this in mind, starting from 2024, all cream jars will be refillable. As a reminder, the brand’s bottles are made from 83% recycled plastic. Melvita has committed to replacing all controversial ingredients in its formulas, if any, and even to discontinuing the products concerned, in certain cases. That is why the company has made the decision to stop producing its global anti-ageing range Nectar Suprême, based on royal jelly, for ethical and animal welfare reasons. “We are currently working on a new skincare line to replace it. It should be launched at the end of 2024”, she explains.

SOURCE: Premium Beauty News 


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