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Merci Marcel Group Brings a Fresh Wave along East Coast Road with its 6th Outlet in Singapore

Singapore's beloved multi-concept lifestyle brand, Merci Marcel, is elated to introduce its sixth establishment, majestically poised along the vibrant East Coast Road. The enchanting venue, taking cues from the scenic views of the nearby coast, crafts a unique blend of colonial and contemporary designs, all housed within the captivating Peranakan hotel located at 171 East Coast Road.


The East Coast outlet mirrors the very essence of Merci Marcel's renowned elegance, while introducing fresh elements that pay tribute to its unique location. Stepping inside, patrons are immediately drawn to the arresting floor-to-ceiling bar. Draped in lush suspended vines and bathed in mahogany's earthy tones, this centerpiece promises a serene break from urban life's relentless pace.

Gazing around, one cannot miss the two stunning artworks by British artist Rick Smith. With vibrant jungle motifs, they further enhance the tropical allure, making patrons feel miles away from the urban jungle.

Art aficionados are in for a treat too. A standout artwork by David Buonaguidi, featuring an original map of Singapore, promises to be a focal point and a conversation starter.

Crafted with Passion by Design Studio Bama this new outpost spans 3100sqf and boasts a seating capacity of 110 seats. The interiors fuse the classic Merci Marcel aesthetic with unique features: rattan furniture, terrazzo floors reminiscent of heritage shophouses, and select pieces sourced directly from France including the iconic DSC 106 chair models by designer Giancarlo Piretti. Embracing the rich textile traditions of Southeast Asia, Merci Marcel East Coast features exquisite IKAT model lighting. Deriving its name from the Malay word 'mengikat', meaning to tie or bind, and resonating with similar terms in Indonesian and Javanese languages, this age-old 'resist' dyeing technique involves intricately binding and dyeing yarns before weaving. These lights encapsulate a harmonious blend of heritage and modernity, adding a distinct regional touch that pays homage to the Malay and Javanese origins, infusing our welcoming ambiance with warmth and authenticity.

Completing the experience, the alfresco area whispers tales of the sea. Here, guests can indulge in dedicated cocktails and exquisite drinks, enveloped in a breeze-kissed haven. It's a space where one can relax, lose themselves in the moment, and watch the world go by.


As twilight blankets the city, Merci Marcel East Coast transforms into a haven for social dining. Our evening menu, elegantly curated, encourages shared experiences, offering patrons an exquisite selection of dishes designed for communal enjoyment. Diners are promised a gastronomic voyage that seamlessly marries traditional French culinary artistry with modern interpretations.

Begin your culinary journey with the Mini Monsieur, a sophisticated symphony of fine Comté and Appenzeller cheese, accentuated with tantalizing truffle and 18-month aged organic Bayonne ham. Transition to the delicacy of oven-baked Roasted Feta, a soft blend of poached pear and honey. Our Perfect Pull Pork, meticulously marinated and resting on homemade flat bread, comes adorned with fresh spinach leaves, Greek yogurt, and a tang of vegetable pickles.

As the journey continues, indulge in our Steak Tartare Twisted, harmoniously combining classic French tartare with a zest of sesame oil, wasabi, and fresh coriander. Experience the Delicate Arancini, an exquisite fusion of goat cheese, zucchini, and roasted pine nuts, and let the Salmon Crudo surprise you with its freshly sliced salmon adorned with shallots, encircled by a refreshing cucumber gazpacho. Our tribute to Provençal inspiration, the Panisse, pairs the finest chickpeas with a zesty citrus aioli. Dive into the rejuvenating Watermelon Gazpacho, punctuated with smoked haddock, and crowned with pomegranate and mint, followed by the rich tapestry of Pan-Seared Pork Tenderloin accompanied by pumpkin crème and roasted vegetables.

For shared experiences, the Angus Steak Ribeye is a delight, thinly sliced and infused with basil pesto, lemon, arugula, and watercress. The Barramundi Filet offers another shared gastronomic adventure, elegantly resting on shakshuka with slow-cooked bell peppers, onions, cumin, and coriander.

Concluding this epicurean expedition are our sweet sensations: the Marcel Waffle, a reinvention of our croissant into a waffle, adorned with caramelized bananas and vanilla ice cream; the Valrhona Chocolate Delight, a rendezvous of rich chocolate with single malt whisky; and the refreshing Watermelon Granité ensemble of watermelon partnered with lime-infused mascarpone.

For those who have treasured memories tied to our Merci Marcel classics, rest assured that iconic dishes such as the Ravioles de Royan, Tarte Flambée, and our exquisite brunch menu remain available, ensuring that the desires of our loyal patrons are always met with familiarity and warmth.


Complementing Merci Marcel East Coast’s contemporary French cuisine culinary options is the brand's extensive beverage menu. The substantive selection mirrors Merci Marcel's eco-friendly ethos.

The wine selection focuses on organic sustainable wines, bringing to guests a wide variety of wines originating from organic wineries from all regions of France. The whites are broadly categorized into taste profiles like light & sharp Welcome White, dry & fruity Intense White, and buttery & spicy dry Imposing White; the reds are categorized into light & fruity Discreet Red, velvety & spicy Charming Red, and powerful & tannic Robust Red. Merci Marcel East Coast wine selection also serves as the perfect companion to the outlet's daily rotational cheese menu.

Merci Marcel East Coast introduces a unique curated selection of Cocktails. Championing homemade syrups, the brand-new cocktail collection is a testament to craft and passion. Noteworthy mentions include the 'Petit Biscuit' — an exquisite blend of homemade gingerbread syrup, infused from 12 distinct spices, harmoniously paired with Organic Cognac from Maison Decroix.

The 'Yuzu Chou' delivers a delicate taste profile, featuring handcrafted Orgeat syrup from almond and vanilla, beautifully elevated by fine vodka. However, the showstopper undoubtedly is the 'Forest Gump', a brilliant fusion of homemade syrup made from shiitake, honey, hazelnuts, and coriander, which, when met with whiskey, promises an unparalleled experience. Of course, guests loyal to the classics are not forgotten. 'La vie en Marcel' and other favourites remain at the forefront, ready to entice and delight.

In addition, the unique range of soft drinks and juices, which have significantly contributed to Merci Marcel's soaring popularity, are also prominently featured on the menu, ensuring all guests find something to their liking.




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