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MyCLNQ Health opens new clinic "A&G Medical" in Singapore

MyCLNQ Health is opening a brand new clinic in the center of Singapore. Located on Orchard Rd, this new medical center takes the name "A&G Medical" and offers bespoke health screening packages. It aims at providing exceptional and personalized care that goes beyond generic packages.

A&G Medical address your concerns comprehensively with packages tailored to your age, gender and health history. Their services extend from a full body check-up to specific areas of interest depending on your preferences while always keeping in mind cost and convenience. In addition to this A&G Medical provides guidance through alternative packages.

Their range of services is wide with Dermatology, Mental Wellness, Allergy testings, weight management and many more. Please find the complete list of their services here

You can also find the list of all packages with complete description and costs at A&G Medical / Screening.



SOURCE: A&G Medical


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